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danny long on the youth ministry coaching program

danny long is one of my favorite youth workers. here’s why:

The Youth Ministry Coaching Program and Me

It’s been almost a year since I first started in the Youth Ministry Coaching Program (YMCP). I really didn’t know what to expect. All I knew was that we would meet for two days every other month and that the only person I would really know was another local youth pastor Brian Berry. Every one else would be from around the country. I had met Marko before and had a couple conversations with him, but didn’t know him really well. I was excited about what I would get out of the program, but honestly didn’t know how much it would affect me. I thought it would be good discussion about ministry and that my ministry would benefit from it.

What I experienced over the year was that the discussions were about so much more than the hands on ministry “stuff” I had planned on and were so much more personal. The discussions about life and the struggles that we each were going through were more than I could have planned on. Ministry discussion happened for sure, but that was surface and the life discussion that took place took us all to another place in life and ministry.

I think that each of us ended the year in a much different and better place than where we started. I know for me when we started the year I was in an interesting place in ministry. I definitely felt called to student ministry, but for the first time was questioning if the place I was doing ministry was the still the place God had called me. I shared this with our cohort and through some tough questions, discussion, and prayer I can really tell you that yes I am still in the place God wants me. I don’t know if I wasn’t part of this cohort I would be able to say that as confidently as I can.

At our first meeting we came together as strangers with one thing in common, ministry. At the end of the year I know for me that each of these people I can call my friends and I miss seeing them. If you are someone in ministry I would highly recommend being part of the YMCP, you, your students and your church will not be the same after this experience.


after postponing the launch of the san diego cohort for 2011, we’re very close to having enough to launch. i’d love to have you consider joining us. or, consider joining one of the other cohorts, all set to launch this fall:
– san diego, lead by me
– nashville, lead by me
– kansas city, lead by chris folmsbee
– greenwich, CT (NYC), lead by brock morgan
– atlanta, lead by paul martin
– canada (1/2 of the meetings in calgary, 1/2 of the meetings in vancouver), lead by matt wilks
– chicago, lead by ginny olson

click here for more info. or shoot me an email ([email protected]) if you have questions or want the application. and here’s a video with an overview and testimonials.