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Crowder’s Neon Steeple (win a copy!)


thanks to the live streaming on itunes radio (available through today only), and then thanks to the record label who sent me a copy of the album in the mail, i’ve been listening to Crowder’s new album, Neon Steeple, almost nonstop over the past week (a few little breaks to listen to the new Coldplay album and the new Conor Oberst album). the album releases on itunes, and everywhere else, tomorrow (tuesday, may 27).

neon steeplei realize i’m biased, since i’ve loved Crowder’s music for a long time, and even more biased because i like him as a person. but it almost doesn’t matter which new direction david goes with his music: i love it musically, and love it lyrically. this album is, unquestionably, his most eccentric and eclectic, ranging from bluegrass and old-timey church songs that johnny cash could have sung, to alt-pop worship, and even a couple tracks i can only classify as “dance” numbers. neon steeple is the baby that marcus mumford and emmylou harris and johnny cash and hank williams and king david (the psalmist) and someone representing alt-pop (maybe the xx, or–OOH!–the ting-tings) would have, uh, birthed together. that just got weird; but, again, i love eclectic.

if you want the same old vanilla christian easy listening, this is not your music. but if you want honest lyrics, unwaveringly god-focused (as Crowder’s songs have always been), with a wild variety of musicality that leans to the down-homey (lotsa banjo, baby), you’ll be a happy listener.

and, i have two copies of the deluxe edition of the CD (17 tracks!) to give away. in the past when i’ve given these away, i’ve gotten a ton of comments, because i made it easy on you (which made it hard on me); so i’m going to inverse that equation this time around. if you want one of these FREE CDs, you must write a haiku about Crowder. that’s right: three lines, of 5, 7, and 5 syllables, respectively. i’ll pick the best two, email you for your address, and your CD will be mailed to you.

i mean, Crowder put quite a bit of creative energy into creating this baby, so a little creative effort on your part seems warranted, right?

whatcha got?

winner, winner, crowder dinner

hey, nice job, peeps. fun entries.

i’m sad to be forced to not consider a handful that don’t fit the required haiku form (3 lines, of 5 syllables, 7 syllable, and 5 syllables, in order). some of you don’t quite get that, or just didn’t care!

hands down, the winner is absolutely Rob, for his brilliant three word


(for those not in the know, “pogonology” is “the study of or a treatise to beards”)

the second winner was more difficult; but i’m going with Chuck’s for sheer randomness and absurdity:

I met Crowder once
He smelled like freedom and steak
No wait, that was me

thanks for playin’, everyone!

what? a new ‘best of’ album from DC*B? (and how to win an autographed copy)

something significant changed in the world of christian music the day the David Crowder Band released their first album. i’m not even completely sure how to describe that change. but i’ll try with this: the line between “worship music” and “totally fantastic music i want to listen to all the time” was suddenly blurred.

in fact, i remember very clearly the first time i heard the band live. it was at the NYWC in… actually, i have no idea what year. it was a long time ago. hardly anyone had heard of them. but we were experimenting with a musical style shift at the NYWC after many years with the same worship leader at every convention. and that year we discovered we were going to have to turn away about 1000 people from the san diego location — unless we came up with something very creative. the solution was to run two main sessions concurrently. the main ballroom (set for something like 2500 people, with a massive stage and all the technology would expect) had the older, “contemporary” worship leader. then there was this funky “overflow” stage in a much smaller ballroom. people who registered later, once we expanded the size limit on the event, “had” to attend the main sessions in that ballroom. the speaker’s talk was going to be on a big screen (hey! we were a video venue church before it was such a stupid fad!), but the band was going to be live in both locations.

uh, we had a problem.

during the music parts, the big/main ballroom was empty-ish; and the smaller/ancillary ballroom was pack to overflowing with youth workers who were ignoring our silly little differently-colored armbands or whatever was supposed to designate their assigned space (what? youth workers ignoring the rules?).

somewhere over the years, i got to become friends with david, jack, jeremy (bwack), hogan, and mike d. i even went on a tour with them once for a week or so. and now that they’re two bands, i’ve remained in contact with all of them.

but i’m still a fan.

to me, these songs represent something not many else have come close to approaching: songs i simply never tire of hearing or singing.


so, yeah, i was pretty stoked when i found out a new “best of” album was releasing (it actually releases today, and you can find it on tunes here). someone up the record distribution food chain was nice enough to give me access to listen to it online, starting a couple weeks ago. needless to say, if digital streams could get worn out grooves like vinyl back in the day, these tracks would already be trashed. the songs hold up. and they take me back. both. at the same time. as a bonus, there’s a couple new tracks, and a handful of fun remixes (i particularly got a kick out of the family force five remix of shadows).

ok, this is fun. david’s record peeps are allowing me to give away 5 autographed copies of the CD. here’s how we’re gonna do it: respond with a reasonably short comment about the first time you heard the band, or a funny story from a time you heard them live, or anything else that you think would make me choose you. in other words: convince me to pick you. and just writing “ooh, pick me” ain’t gonna do it. i’ll just give the CDs to my 7th grade guys small group if that’s the best i get!

this isn’t a race. so i’ll give you a couple days, and i’ll pick a winner on thursday or friday.


(oh! and one more thing! did you know that david crowder is one of the 18 presenters speaking at The Summit? yup: he’s not coming as a performer. he’s going to speak to us about “the process of creativity.”)


oops — an offsite retreat, a birthday party, and a holiday weekend caused a little delay in picking winners! sorry ’bout that. this was almost impossible, as almost all the responses were wonderful. but i had to pick five, and five that i really loved were from Darin Brown, Amy Mateer, Mark Seitz, Julie, and Eli Ruggles. i’ll contact you all via email to get your addresses. congrats!

awesome new crowder band video

this is just so cool:

from david’s blog:

this video is our attempt at creating a visual supplement to the song, sms (shine), that appears on our latest album called, “church music”. the thematic content of the song is this: god shares in the suffering of life and brings redemption for everything that is broken, and this revelation causes, no, demands, that those of us who have experienced and participate in this great rescue, display such a thing to those who live unaware of a balm, a fix, an answer to and for all that is bent.


over 700,000 pegs are visible in the video (this doesn’t even come close to the actual number used due to our amateur stop motion skills, as in, for every sequence you are viewing there was some mistake, or story piece that didn’t work like we hoped, which means hours of “pegging” gone to waste. i’m confident that we, and our dear friends, pushed well over a million pegs. that is certifiably insane when i think of it. the world record for the largest Lite Brite(r) ever made on planet earth (i don’t want to be presumptuous) is just over 300,000 pegs. we didn’t just beat such a number, we crushed it completely.) we shot over 1200 frames. we had to learn animal and plant origami. and there was then the stop motion trickery, as in, how do you make something jump through the air and capture this in still photography. we knew nothing about any of this until we started down this trail. (don’t get me started on how much time it takes to cause confetti to appear to be thrown from a hand and fall into a Lite Brite(r))

oh, and

things you should look for in the video:

the strings attached to the jumping origami frog. the discovery of the water material flowing off of the table. the player piano playing in the background. the monkey clapping on the couch. the strings holding the pegs falling from the watering can whose effect was accomplished by distance parallax. bwack frame by frame through out the wedding sequence, amazing! dust specks on the table coming and going. the lighting changes. the purple pegs that appear in the moon in two frames as it rises. there’s more, of course, some things i’m sure you’ll spot that we haven’t even noticed…