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the best encouragement note

the other day i was given a bag full of encouragement notes, written by attendees at the cincinatti and atlanta national youth workers conventions. it’s a beautiful stack of back-pats and heart-hugs, really. i’m about 1/3 the way through reading them so far; but one of them really caught my attention, and made me laugh out loud (and bring it out to read to others in the house).


I’m not surprised you got FIRED! It was completely all your fault. You kept Jesus as number one, you were still, you ignored corporate values, you thought small, you were real, you put your family first, and you sought kingdom values. What did you think would happen, you idiot?!?

no signature, no name. not even a “hope you’re well” or well-wish. just those awesomely sarcastic, yet wildly loving three sentences.

i’m not sure that’s all true — but it sure did make me crack up and encourage me at the same time!