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my new specs

well, a middle school kid broke my glasses a few months back. they were internally cracked somehow, and, while still functional, not quite right. i tried to use some ‘gorilla glue‘ to fix them, but forgot that it foams up and expands while hardening. so i ended up with this big crusty brown goiter on the front of the frames. i used an x-acto knife to shave that off, but then had to use a black sharpie to re-color an area where i’d cut back too far. in the end, the glue didn’t hold anyhow. and the prescription was no longer right for me either.

so… new glasses.

not quite as cool as the last ones (i received at least one positive comment about the old ones on each of my four airline segments over the last two days). but the new ones were cheaper, and i can’t justify spending top dollar on designer frames anymore.

without further ado… (oh, and i got my hair shaved off last week in prep for the haiti trip)