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visual proof we’re in canada

a few pics from our vacation…

here’s our family across from the fairmont banff springs. i was holding the camera at arm’s length, trying to get us all, and the hotel, in the frame. i had to take a half dozen to get this one (i kept cutting off the kids!).

during our week in radium hot springs, we drove to the town of invermere (on lake windermere) a few times. this was our first time, in the rain, standing on a “beach” (really just gravel). clearly, max and liesl have varying perspectives on the situation.

this is proof that at least this one time in my life, i got up on a wakeboard. i stayed on it for about 10 minutes, going outside the wake on both sides. but i didn’t try any tricks, or even try to turn around. i kinda wish i’d at least tried to turn to face the other way.

we spent four fantastic hours on lake windermere one glorious afternoon (the temperature could not have been more perfect, and the sky was perfectly blue). we all took mulitple turns tubing, getting more and more daring (i tried standing, which was fun, but usually ended with me in the water). this is a nice one of me and my boy sliding outside the wake.

vacation update

i realized that i forgot to mention that, since i’m on vacation, i don’t expect to have my normal 2+ posts per day, but will likely keep to 1 per day.

but, since i’m writing this, i’ll post a little vacation update!

we were supposed to fly from san diego, through denver, to calgary on tuesday evening. but our flight got jacked, and we ended up staying the night in denver. no worries, it really wasn’t a big deal (that’s the vacation mantra!). so we got to calgary wednesday before noon, and drove up to banff.

i’d wanted to score us a couple nights at the fairmont banff springs, but just couldn’t justify the price. then i found out they were trying to court us for our canadian convention, so i got to do a sight visit (for which they gave me two free nights in an executive suite). they were cool about shifting our two night stay to adjust for our late arrival.

so, when we arrived weds, we walked around and checked the place out, then had dinner at an outdoor terrace restaurant. this place really is stunning.

this morning, i did the obligatory site visit (which included a great breakfast). we also spent time at the pool today, and reading by the pool. this evening we went five-pin bowling (i’d heard of this, but really didn’t know what it was. who knew? well, apparently, all canadians, and belgians also). what a kick. it was like bowling with a bocce ball.

in the evening, we drove into town and went shopping, then had a fun fondue dinner. tomorrow, jeannie and i get to visit the spa, then we’ll check out, go on a hike or ride the gondola up the mountain. then we drive to radium hot springs (about an hour and a half west of here) to stay 6 more nights at the condo of some friends parents.

so far, so good!

monday morning update, august 4, 2008

the weekend that was: mostly packing for the move, and some running kids around. liesl had 7 friends over for a pool party saturday night, and i hosted that also.

where i am at the moment: at my desk, for one day this week.

on my to-do list this week: today is a crunch day. a couple key projects to work on, and a handful of meetings. but mostly, this week will be about family and rest, as we’re leaving on a 9-day vacation tomorrow.

moving update: thanks to all of you who prayed. things seem to be back on track. the buyers asked the appraiser if he could raise the appraisal at all, and he raised it 3 grand. our realtor kicked in an additional 3 grand. the owner of the home we’re buying can only drop the price at all if the appraisal on that one comes in lower than our price, so we’re having that appraisal done in the next day or two and hoping we can eek out another few grand. but i think we’re back and track and moving forward either way. i worked on a new mortgage the other day, and was happy with what i found. and i packed about 25 boxes this weekend. we’re going through the new house tomorrow (before we fly to our vacation) with a measuring tape, to get detailed info about each room, so we can make decisions about what’s going where. move date: august 28/29.

procrastinating about: everything except moving stuff!

book i’m in the midst of: i took a break from the book of general ignorance to read scot mcknight’s upcoming release, the blue parakeet (which was great, and which i’ll review soon). i’m just starting an edited manuscript of phyllis tickle’s upcoming release, the great emergence (which i’m really looking forward to reading, ever since i heard her give a talk at our convention last fall based on the book).

music that seemed to catch my attention this past week: mostly had itunes on party shuffle this week. but, yesterday, i took a couple hundred cds into music trader, and came home with a few:
beck: modern guilt
sheryl crow: detours
elvis costello: momofuku
b-52s: funplex
rolling stones: live licks
system of a down: system of a down
beastie boys: to the 5 boroughs

next trip: my family flies to calgary tomorrow, for a 9-day vacation. we’ll spend the first two nights at the fairmont banff springs (a hotel i could never afford, but which wants our canadian business, and is comp’ing me a room!). then we’ll drive to radium hot springs, and spend 7 days in the condo of the parents of a gracious friend. some good friends from seattle are driving over and staying with us. should be a wonderful time.

how i’m feeling about this week: fantastic. can’t wait to chill. when we return, we’ll have two weeks ’til the move date, and it will be serious crunch time.