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monday morning update, october 20, 2008

the weekend that was: laid back, yet oddly busy. i really had no plans friday night or saturday. but i managed to fill it up. friday night we had a family night — dinner at a local mexican place we’d heard was great, and could walk to, followed by uno and dominoes, and then ice cream in front of a tv show or two. saturday, i slept in a bit, then was planning on watching the michigan game. i saw the 2nd quarter, then left with max to run errands during half-time. we ended up missing the entire 2nd half. i ran the kids around a bit and got a few things done. in the evening, i was home alone, and had a nice cuban cigar while reading a bit in the backyard, then joined a friend for a late night showing of “body of lies” (which was great). sunday was a sprint: met with jeannie about a bunch of stuff (schedules and such), went to a middle school ministry staff meeting at christina’s house, helped my wife host a group of san diego spiritual directors in our backyard, participated in an emergent village board phone call, then hosted our home church at our house. whew.

where i am at the moment: flying to grand rapids. had a butt-crack-o-dawn flight this morning, so i can make a late afternoon meeting at zondervan. i’m there through tuesday late afternoon, when i fly on to atlanta for 24 hours before heading home wednesday evening.

on my to-do list this week: a couple day o’ zonderland, a potential partnership meeting in atlanta, a ys staff meeting and pittsburgh nywc nametag stuffing party, more writing, and a wad of other stuff.

procrastinating about: hmmm. since i actually made good progress on the middle school ministry book this week, i can’t put down my usual here. how ’bout this: i’ve been procrastinating about straightening up our garage for sometime now. and about getting back on a work out schedule.

book i’m in the midst of: almost finished with the year of living biblically. fantastic book.

music that seemed to catch my attention this past week: well, max and i (and liesl, to a lesser degree) have been family force five fans for a couple years, ever since we saw them at an nywc. their live performances are just nuts. and i dig their sound. so we’ve been eager for a 2nd album, which we picked up in sacramento last week. i’ve been listening to it more than anything else. i really like it — quite a bit. but it’s not what i expected. it’s substantially more dance-oriented than their previous stuff. less rock, more dance. it’s like a weird cross between system of a down and madonna. i would have preferred they stay on the more alt-rock side of things; but i still like the new disc a lot.

next trip: well, i’m on one. so, i guess my next one is tomorrow night, to atlanta. then, next week to pittsburgh for the nywc.

how i’m feeling about this week: pretty good, actually!