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off to paris!

notredamefor christmas, jeannie and i cashed in a bunch of airline miles and gave each other and our kids a pretty cool gift. max and jeannie leave today for a week in london; and liesl and i leave today for a week in paris. max has always wanted to see london (it is, after all, the location of so many kids’ stories, from peter pan to harry potter), and liesl has a dream of living in france someday.

we found a reasonably priced hotel near the eiffel tower, and have plans to see these places:
Sacre Coeur
Musée du Louvre
Musée national de l’Orangerie
Musée d’Orsay
Musée Rodin
Avenue de goblin (not much to see here, but it was a key part of a poem liesl learned in french class this year)
Arc de Triomphe
Champs Elysees
Eiffel tower

we come home late next wednesday night. i don’t expect to be on my blog much between now and then; but i have one or two posts timed to go up each day.

au revoir!