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Cartel Culture (The Youth Cartel free awesomeness, part 2)

this week, The Youth Cartel (my kick-butt little company!) launched two amazing, free youth ministry resource emails. yesterday, i wrote about YouTube You Can Use, the weekly mini-discussion built around a youtube clip. free. really. that sucka will come out pretty much each and every monday (but only to the wise and savvy youth workers who sign up for it, here).

but that’s not all! if you order now, we’ll throw in the ginsu knives

wait. no.

oh, yeah, it’s CARTEL CULTURE.

let’s be honest: no one wants weekly emails full of long letters and articles — that’s what blogs are for (c’mon, sing that last line to the tune of michael w. smith’s ‘that’s what friends are for’; i’ll wait for you). links. when it comes to FREE weekly emails about stuff youth workers should see, it’s gotta be links, baby.

that’s what the weekly CARTEL CULTURE is. it’s a free link-fest (all in a beautifully designed shell, i must say, created by the unstoppable adam mclane). looks like this:

you’ll notice there that we have 6 links, each in a different “bucket”. but those are only 6 of the 15 “buckets” we’ll rotate through each week. the whole list includes:


who knows, maybe we’ll throw in some more categories over time (we’re sneaky that way — we’re a cartel, after all).

some of the links go to The Youth Cartel site, so that we can host some conversation around the bit. others go to external sites.

you can sign up here for the weekly CARTEL CULTURE email, which is free (did i mention that?). you’ll see the other emails you can sign up for also (YouTube You Can Use, and our event and book and curriculum news, the latter two of which will only be sporadic, at best). we promise, we won’t spam you or sell your email address or anything like that. hey, once you’re in the cartel baby, you’re like family.

YouTube You Can Use (The Youth Cartel free awesomeness, part 1)

The Youth Cartel launched two new FREE weekly emails this week. really, i can’t take any credit for them. my brilliant partner, adam mclane, came up with the ideas, design and content for both of them. i’ll throw in with some links and stuff from time to time, i’m sure. but, really, these are the shiznit.

first up:

YouTube You Can Use

each monday (if you sign up for this free list), you’ll get an email with a youtube video, and a mini discussion guide (topic, discussion starter, linked scripture verses, discussion questions, and a final ‘wrestle with this’ thought or question. it’s freakin’ youth ministry gold, man, and it’s free.

did i mention it’s free?

no, really, it’s totally free.

here’s where you can go to sign up for this.

oh, and if you missed the first email, click here to see the archived version, on the topic of perfection.

viva la revolucion, baby.