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conflict on teams

mark mains had an excellent post on the fuller youth institute blog recently about conflict on teams, based on a gallup management journal article called What Strong Teams Have in Common: The five sure signs of an excellent team.

here are the five commonalities they say exist on strong teams:

1. Conflict doesn’t destroy strong teams because strong teams focus on results.

2. Strong teams prioritize what’s best for the organization, then move forward.

3. Members of strong teams are as committed to their personal lives as they are to their work.

4. Strong teams embrace diversity.

5. Strong teams are magnets for talent.

in his post, mark focuses on that first one — the point about facing conflict. i’ve found this to be so true with the leadership team of youth specialties. we’re really found that our conflicts, when approached with grace and a curious perspective, deeply tied to a commitment to our mission and values, actually makes us stronger in the long run. conflict is good, and makes us better.

but the other four traits are important also, and i can’t help but think of how they apply to youth ministry volunteer teams. great stuff. how does this reflect the youth ministry team at your church?

fuller youth institute

my friend kara powell, and the peeps at what used to be called the fuller center for youth and family (or something like that), have re-branded, re-designed, and re-launched, under the much-easier-to-remember name: fuller youth institute (get it? FYI!)

here’s what i dig about kara and FYI: they bridge the gap between research and practice in youth ministry. this is rare. with much love for my academic friends, i think the following are all at least mostly true statements:

– much of what passes as academic work in youth ministry isn’t really academic (though this has certainly gotten better in the last half-decade).

– much of what passes as research in youth ministry wouldn’t pass muster with people who actually know how research is done.

– much of the good research done, both by spiritually-inclined institutions, and other studying adolescence, never gets connected with the real world of youth ministry.

that’s where FYI comes in. they exist pretty much for this purpose. they identify problems in youth ministry that would benefit from some research. then they do the research. then – this is where their uniqueness really comes out – they develop practical tools and articles that translate the findings and implications into real world tools and ideas for real world youth workers.

and… (drum roll)… it’s all free. yeah. free.

anyhow, they have an email all youth workers should subscribe to (see the “e-journal subscription” link on the home page), as well as a super-helpful website, a blog, a podcast, and a bunch of feeds you can subscribe to (i subscribe to their article feed, and their blog feed). and some of the work they’ve done has been translated, subsequently, into books kara powell and chap clark have published with ys:
deep ministry in a shallow world
deep justice in a broken world
and, a deep justice curriculum due out next may.