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need input on 2 youth worker questions

first, kara powell, of fuller youth institute, is looking for “youth workers and/or youth ministries who are doing a good job helping kids think theologically and/or critically about games and exploring how games are shaping kids and/or kids’ faith.” she’s writing a chapter for a book and wants to interview some youth workers along these lines. if you fall into this category, and would like to interact with kara about it, please shoot me an email, and i’ll connect you with kara.

second, for the middle school ministry book that scott rubin and i are finishing up right now, there’s a chapter on middle school small groups. in that chapter, there’s an extended sidebar of 1-2 sentence responses from middle school small group leaders finishing this sentence: what i wish i knew about middle school small groups…

responses can be serious or funny. here are a handful of examples of what we have so far:

Bob: I wish I’d known that I wasn’t a failure if I had a day when I didn’t accomplish anything. Or that if I had one good interaction with one boy, that it could still be a successful day.

Heather: I wish I would have known just how much these junior high kids would affect my life and my own spiritual growth!

Carolyn: I wish I would have known that Junior High students will usually not express their appreciation for you as their Leader.

Chuck: I wish I’d have known that 6th grade boys can actually settle down and listen, when you connect with them and they know you are listening to them.

if you lead a middle school small group, we would love to consider adding your comment to that bit in the book. just post it as a comment here, within the next couple days (since our book deadline is monday!).

new research on teen preferences, 2 of 5

ypulse had a great summary the other day of some new research about teen preferences in a bunch of areas. i’ll break it into 5 posts. second up: Internet

– Teens spend 12.5 hours online while tweens spend only 6.4 hours (typical week during school year)

– Teens have grown tired of MySpace and have moved on to Facebook in the past six months

– Only a couple of virtual worlds are on tweens’ radars

– The top sites tweens visit — Webkinz among both tween boys and tween girls. Neopets, owned by Viacom’s interactive unit as well as Nick.com

– Club Penguin remains in third place for tween girls and dropped from 11th place to 13th place for tween boys since last summer

– AddictingGames is fast becoming the top casual gaming site among all youth, not just the kids and teens