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Big Day of Serving

Group Mission Trips recently launched a new thing, called the Big Day of Serving. i don’t tend to blog about stuff like this very often; but i’m blogging about this one, because our middle school group attended, including my 8th grade son, max; and they had a great experience.

big day of serving is a one of four experiences GMT offers. but this one and week of hope are the two that make sense for middle schoolers (they’re not exclusive to MS, but make sense developmentally and programmatically). and it’s only $29!

i had gotten to know this missional guy here in san diego who has a strong sense of calling to a particular urban neighborhood called normal heights. so when one of the guys from group missions trips told me he was looking for a partner in that part of san diego for a big day of serving, the connection seemed to make perfect sense. but i had no idea our church middle school group was going to what came out of that! (remember, i’m a volunteer in our ministry, and not the person in charge. as good as our middle school pastor is about communicating to leaders and parents–of which i’m both–i’m that classic parent and leader who is infuriating in my lack of attention!) not only did our middle school group attend, but our middle school band got to lead worship. which means that max got to play drums at big day of serving (i love it when the different arenas of my life coincide like that!). a couple pics of max playing at big day of serving:

there are still a bunch of spring 2012 dates for big day of serving. check ’em out.