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monday morning update

the weekend that was: ahhhhhhhh, vacation. we got to radium hot springs, in the canadian rockies, on friday. and we’ve been chillin’ ever since. watching the olympics. reading. eating. sleeping. laughing with our friends from seattle who are with us. sunday we drove to the little ski resort of panorama and walked around a bit. nothing noteworthy, really – just rest and family enjoyment. it’s good. deeply good.

where i am at the moment: yup, radium hot spring, in british columbia, canada.

on my to-do list this week: now through thursday morning, very little. we’re going to take a little river raft trip, go miniature golfing, go on a hike or two, and we think we might rent a boat and tube one day. thursday we fly home, and friday i’m in the office.

moving update: everything is on track now. we had the appraisal on the new house, and the inspection. the new mortgage is moving forward. nothing massive to report this week.

procrastinating about: i’m not thinking about what i might be procrastinating about this week, because i’m on vacation!

book i’m in the midst of: the great emergence, by phyllis tickle, and under the banner of heaven, by jon krakauer.

music that seemed to catch my attention this past week: my family has been singing coldplay songs all week. and, today, we sang bohemian rhapsody together.

next trip: home, on thursday. then, nothing ’til after we move. i think my next trip is the first week of september, to argentina, for our convention there.

how i’m feeling about this week: ah, so, so good.

vacation update

i realized that i forgot to mention that, since i’m on vacation, i don’t expect to have my normal 2+ posts per day, but will likely keep to 1 per day.

but, since i’m writing this, i’ll post a little vacation update!

we were supposed to fly from san diego, through denver, to calgary on tuesday evening. but our flight got jacked, and we ended up staying the night in denver. no worries, it really wasn’t a big deal (that’s the vacation mantra!). so we got to calgary wednesday before noon, and drove up to banff.

i’d wanted to score us a couple nights at the fairmont banff springs, but just couldn’t justify the price. then i found out they were trying to court us for our canadian convention, so i got to do a sight visit (for which they gave me two free nights in an executive suite). they were cool about shifting our two night stay to adjust for our late arrival.

so, when we arrived weds, we walked around and checked the place out, then had dinner at an outdoor terrace restaurant. this place really is stunning.

this morning, i did the obligatory site visit (which included a great breakfast). we also spent time at the pool today, and reading by the pool. this evening we went five-pin bowling (i’d heard of this, but really didn’t know what it was. who knew? well, apparently, all canadians, and belgians also). what a kick. it was like bowling with a bocce ball.

in the evening, we drove into town and went shopping, then had a fun fondue dinner. tomorrow, jeannie and i get to visit the spa, then we’ll check out, go on a hike or ride the gondola up the mountain. then we drive to radium hot springs (about an hour and a half west of here) to stay 6 more nights at the condo of some friends parents.

so far, so good!