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ys releases our first iphone app

a few months ago, a few of us from ys were in a meeting, thinking about ideas for our youth ministry publishing efforts. adam mclane was there. i don’t remember if it was adam’s idea or not (i think it was), but somewhere in the midst of that meeting, he got pretty stoked about trying to figure out how ys could create some helpful iphone apps for youth ministry. and in very little time, adam got it done.

as a result, the very first youth ministry iphone app is now in the apple iphone app store, and it’s a tweaked version of our “tough topics” discussion starter book.

here’s adam’s post from the ys blog:


Youth Specialties brings your favorite discussion starters to the iPhone and iPod. Now you can kick off discussions wherever you are, anywhere your ministry takes you. Turn downtime into relationship building time.

Tough Topics brings you over 600 thought-provoking questions that will challenge you towards a deeper understanding of the Bible, a richer relationship with God, and insight into his purposes in their lives.

Version 1.0 Features:

* 4 categories of topics: Psalms, Proverbs, Life & God, Jobs & Career
* Going deeper: Follow-up discussion suggestions and Bible references
* Favorites: Save your favorite questions to come back to later
* Recents: Easily go back to recently viewed questions


If you experience any problems with Tough Topics, please leave a comment here or go to our troubleshooting area.

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