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colbert calls out our hypocrisy

saw this on mike king‘s blog, and clicked over to watch it on colbert nation. so good! sure, it’s funny and all; but truth of it is inescapable.

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the grace of palm sunday

this morning in church, hearing the teaching pastor talk about the events of palm sunday, it struck me how this story is such a clear expression of god’s grace to us. here’s jesus, riding the colt into jerusalem, with everyone all pumped up about “the prophet” coming. they laid down palm branches and shouted hosanna and all that. the buzz about jesus had reached a fever pitch after word of lazarus being raised from the dead in the nearby town of bethany. clearly, this was the prophet moses had promised would come.

and, of course, the whole time, jesus knew what was coming his way in the next week.

this is where the grace part struck me: jesus accepted their praise.

jesus accepted their praise knowing fully that they would turn on him within days.

i think i’ve always thought of this story in terms of “them” — those people who would so quickly turn on jesus. today, i was struck by how it’s my story also.

jesus shows me the same grace every time i acknowledge him, every time i choose to follow him, every time i give him praise. he knows that, just like those palm-waving peeps that day, i’ll quickly turn away, betray him (and what he stands for), choose my own way, discredit him, praise myself, or ignore him.

and yet he accepts my praise.

mmm, this is grace.

SportsCenter Anchors Tell the Story of Jesus Christ

a list, from mcsweeney’s:

SportsCenter Anchors Tell the Story of Jesus Christ.


– – – –

Nothing but the bottom of the manger!

He’s no Beanie Baby!

A good carpenter doesn’t blame his tools!

That’s levitation, homes.

No one does the voodoo like Jesus do.

He’s running like there’re people chasing Him!

Resistance is futile!

That man has been voted off the island.

The Lord said, “You’ve got to rise up!”

And He’s outta heeere!

With authority!