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stations of the cross

stations-cover-v2i’m really excited about this new resource coming out from The Youth Cartel just in time for Lent and Easter: Stations of the Cross: 13 Dramatic Stories of Jesus’ Last Hours. written by the creatively-minded steve case (who wrote books like The Book of Uncommon Prayer, and The Youth Cartel’s Unauthorized Dictionary of Youth Ministry), Stations of the Cross is a 13 session curriculum taking participants, in a way, on a walk to the cross (and beyond).

it’s accurate to call this resource a curriculum; but it’s not “standard” stuff in any way (nothing from steve case ever is). it’s a combination of creative narratives, scripture readings, reflective questions and other elements — almost more like worship sessions with discussion questions. it could be used for youth group or sunday school, or easily for a small group, or even as an individual reflective tool.

the download (or, if you prefer something physical, the CD) comes with pdfs and word docs of all the sessions, as well as images to use for powerpoint or keynote (or other media tools).

personally, i think it would totally rock to use Stations of the Cross for my main youth group meeting times, and the Lent devotional for teenagers to do on their own time. (not that the two resources are intentionally linked in any way.)

here’s the back cover copy:

You can’t dance at the after-funeral party unless you have been to the funeral.

You can’t truly appreciate the glory and color and music of the resurrection unless you have felt the hard cold stone in front of the tomb.

Stations of the Cross is a book of thirteen creative and dramatic lessons that will take participants into the last moments of Jesus’ life. Those who venture into these words will smell the sweat. They will feel the blood roll down his back. They will be taken to the dark place within their own souls and be invited to leave all that baggage behind in the tomb.

Utilizing scripture, dramatic readings, and thought provoking questions, Steve Case provides a unique approach to curriculum that can easily be customized for individual or group use.

Product includes PDF and editable word files of sessions, plus PowerPoint backgrounds and other graphic files for use in group settings or teaching contexts.

this product will be releasing this friday for download (the physical copies will come out soon, but not immediately). order yours here!