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a girl and her snake

part of what i completely dig about my daughter, liesl, is that she is wonderfully unpredictable and chooses her own path.

recently, i had confirmation of this when i found out she wanted a pet snake. seriously, it’s not every 15 year-old girl who wants a pet snake. well, max, my fantastically generous 11 year-old son, really wanted to help liesl realize her snakey desire. he gave her a stash o’ cash for her birthday a month ago, as well as a little half-log thingy for a snake to hide under. liesl added more of her own money, and bought a tank, the stuff for the inside, and this beautiful albino milk snake, which she promptly named “amii” (with two i’s, because that’s the kind of thing liesl does).

the only “downside” of the snake for my vegetarian daughter is that amii is NOT a vegetarian, and has to be fed a baby mouse (called a “pinky”) once a week.

here’s liesl and amii: two beauties!


holy cow, liesl is 15

my little girl turns 15 years old today. crazy, just crazy. last night, our family celebrated with her (she’s having a party with friends this weekend), by going on a little progressive dinner. we started at pick-up stix for a favorite of hers as our appetizer: cream cheese wontons. then we drove over to sammy’s woodfired pizzas, where she had a greek salad (i had a thai chicken pizza). then we moved on to bj’s brewpub, for their infamous pazookie (a partially baked cookie in a deep-dish pan, with ice cream on top). liesl and i split a white chocolate macadamia, and max and jeannie had chocolate chunk.

liesl is saving money toward a laptop (she has to pay for 1/2), so most of her gifts, including ours to her, was money for that. but max remembered that she’d recently said she wants a snake, so gave her money for that, as well as a little wooden snake hideout thingy.

she’s a great kid. fun, loving, creative. i’m very proud of her (and a little scared about how fast she’s growing up).

liesl becomes a samurai

liesl’s high school education continues to be oddly wonderful. today, she starts, for four consecutive monday afternoons, learning kendo from the top kendo (artist? practitioner? performer?) in san diego. they say it’s all about respect and harmony and self-control and all kinds of other really good stuff. but, still, it’s samurai sword fighting!

btw, her class had an overnight metalsmithing field trip this past week. she came home with a couple minor burns, but learned how to forge iron.