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monday morning update, march 23, 2009

the weekend that was: busier weekend than the last few, and only semi-home. friday night was a good chill night for me and max. we went out to dinner together, then to see race to witch mountain (which was in that “didn’t suck too bad” zone that parents of children hope for in movies these days). saturday, i got up at 5:30am, then drove up to LA for “KASSCON” (the korean american sunday school conference). it was at young nak church of LA, which was cool to be at, as young nak church in seoul is our host church for the ys convention there in may. i think there were about 1000 people at the event, but it was split between a korean language side and an english language side (i’m pretty sure you can guess which part i spoke to). i did a seminar two times, then gave a short talk in the closing main session. the main session speaker was mark devries, and it was good to hang with him for a little bit. i really haven’t spent much time with him before, but have a deep level of respect for him. wish we could have spent more time.

anyhow, while i enjoyed being at the event, it was a long day, with 5 hours of driving and a full day of speaking. i was wiped when i got home, and took a hard-core nap. then we got carry-out and rented a movie (well, jeannie, liesl and i; max and a buddy were having an overnighter in the back house). we watched “changeling” with angelina. it was both good and disturbing.

belonging-and-community004sunday was church (and a great sermon on suffering), then family lunch at souplantation. then jeannie and i worked on our taxes a bit (almost done). in the evening, we had our home church at our house. we’re in the midst of a multi-week discussion about what community really is, and what kind of community we want. i lead the discussion sunday night, based on joe myers’ book, the search to belong. a few weeks ago, when i was mentioned joe’s book, i was asked if i could kind of present some of the ideas in it at one of our gatherings. i joked that i would put together a powerpoint presentation. and, because one person in particular had such a strong reaction to that, i decided it was something i just had to do! so, the image here is from that “presentation”! (actually, it was a really good discussion, primarily about the difference between private belonging and intimate belonging, and what level of expectations we bring to the group.)

where i am at the moment: flying to grand rapids. i had a very early flight this morning, and arrive in michigan in the mid-afternoon. tomorrow i have mtgs all day, then fly to atlanta in the evening. i have meetings in atlanta all day wednesday, then fly home that night. 3 days, 9 airports, 6 flight segments, 2 hotels, 2 rental cars.

on my to-do list this week: well, mtgs at zondervan and with our friends at big stuf. then catch up stuff thursday and friday. i also have two interviews later this week with candidates for our vp of finance and ops position.

procrastinating about: well, since we worked on our taxes this weekend, it’s probably not fair to say i’m procrastinating on them. i still have work to do on the middle school ministry book; but i’m kinda waiting for the line editor to tell me she needs it done (so i suppose that’s procrastinating).

learningmynamebook i’m in the midst of: only pages away from finishing losing my faculties: a teacher’s story (i’ll likely finish it on the plane today). i’m listening to the cd teaching series called richard rohr on the enneagram (it’s called enneagram: the discernment of the spirits). and i’m just starting the manuscript for pete gall’s next book, learning my name, which releases in july.

music that seemed to catch my attention this past week: i downloaded two fantastic cds this week. first, i’d heard of the alt rock band rocket from the crypt for years, but really didn’t know their music. but when liesl and i were hanging out with zach lind (from the band jimmy eat world) a couple weeks ago, he and liesl were talking music, and he said she had to try rftc (as their fans abbreviate the name). so i asked zach for a suggestion of where to start, and grabbed scream, dracula, scream (nice title!). i haven’t listened deeply yet, but have dug it on the surface (really, the sound, that is). then, there’s a song playing all the time on my radio station that sounds like connor oberst (or, bright eyes), and i thought it was him. turns out it’s by a band called the airborne toxic event. so, i took a little risk and downloaded the whole album. and, i likes it.

next trip: well, i’m on one! but, after i get home wednesday night, i’m home for a couple weeks. i have a one night trip to orange country april 5/6.

how i’m feeling about this week: yeah, ok. bring it.

monday morning update, march 16, 2009

the weekend that was: my weekend was mostly re-entry from a week out. i’d been up at forest home camp, NE of LA, all week. the second half of that week was a personal silent retreat, which went through early saturday morning. that morning, i drove back to san diego, straight to my church, where i was part of a parent training morning. our junior high pastor (christina) and high school pastor (brian) talked about what they’re trying to accomplish in the youth ministries, then i talked about adolescence and youth culture from a macro level. i was followed by our church’s teaching pastor (who also happened to be my boss 20 years ago at a church in omaha!), who talked specifically about parenting teenagers. it was a great morning, and i really enjoyed it; but it was a weird way to come off three days of total silence!

saturday afternoon, jeannie and i had a wonderful time of getting caught up and talking about life. one of the things i decided on my silent retreat is that i’ve been watching too much tv lately. the stress of my season was been a little bit of a perfect storm when combined with a television season with so many shows i like to watch. but i’ve been escaping a bit too much. and, with “kings” just starting — which looks like a show i’m going to add to my intake — i’m making a tough choice (for me, it’s tough) to cut four 1-hour shows:
celebrity apprentice
amazing race
hell’s kitchen

i’ve enjoyed all of these, so this is hard; but i think it’s best for me, and certainly better for my marriage and family. in full disclosure, the shows i’m still recording are:
american idol (which we watch as a family)
lost (which, like 24, jeannie and i both watch)
heroes (which i watch with liesl)
the office and 30 rock

saturday night, jeannie and max and i went over to our friends’, joe and beth slevcove, primarily so max could spend some time with their brand new son, akian (the russian word for “ocean”), because they’ve asked max to be akian’s “god brother”. max is taking this all very seriously, and it’s really wonderful to watch.

sunday morning was church, then a few do-dads around the house; followed by a nice catch-up with my friend, john. in the evening, all four of us (me, jeannie, max and liesl) were back at beth and joe slevcove’s for the baby shower for akian. really nice time.

where i am at the moment: at my desk, at ys, in san diego. good to be here.

on my to-do list this week: full week, but no travel. it feels a little bit stressful, though, as i have a lot of things coming to a head right now.

procrastinating about: well, taxes (like i said). i realized i missed a magazine column deadline last week, so i gotsta get that done. i have more revisions coming for the middle school ministry book, and i know i could be working on those now (but i’m waiting for someone to tell me i have to do them, which certainly qualifies as procrastination!).

book i’m in the midst of: woo-hoo! i finished 5 books since last week:
the know it all
are you there, vodka? it’s me chelsea
deep church
the world is flat
same kind of different as me

and i almost finished losing my faculties: a teacher’s story (which is a great non-fiction piece by brendan halpin). not sure what i’ll read next.

music that seemed to catch my attention this past week: really didn’t listen to anything this week!

next trip: a week from today i fly to grand rapids for a 24 hour trip to zondervan. but, otherwise, nothing major ’til my spring break trip with my daughter to paris, in a few weeks!

how i’m feeling about this week: hmm. not sure. lots on my plate, which feels a bit weighty. but i’m glad to be here all week.