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Diet & Fitness Books of the Bible, a mcsweeney’s list

Diet & Fitness Books of the Bible.


– – – –

Cross Training

Pontius Pilates

Low-Impact Ecclesiastes


Psweatin’ to the Psalms

The All-You-Can-Eat Loaves-and-Fishes Diet

The AbsSolution

Power Walking on Water

Good Fat, Bad Fat, Jehoshaphat

The Flat Belly of the Whale Diet

Fit for Life Everlasting

Pillar-of-Salt-Free Cooking

YOU on a Diet of Worms

Take and Eat This, Not That

The Resurrection Regimen: Three Days to a Transmogrified You

Really Boring Books for Children, a mcsweeney’s list

Really Boring Books for Children.


– – – –

Springtime? Taxtime!

The New Drapes

Let’s All Have a Bottle of Water!

The Two Weeks After Christmas

Staring at Your Shoes and Other Games

The Big Book of Paper Clips

One Wall, Two Walls, Three Walls, Four!

Mom Folds the Towels and Then Puts Them Away

B Is for Beige

The Long Drive to the Small Town to Visit Childless Relatives

Sally Finds a Stick

Articles of Clothing That Go Well With Distressed Jeans

i used some upcoming birthday money from my parents to purchased a cool pair of slightly distressed jeans while i was in paris. so, in honor of my new jeans, i present this list from mcsweeney’s:

Articles of Clothing That Go Well With Distressed Jeans

– – – –

an anxious sweater vest

passive-aggressive penny loafers

a letterman’s jacket full of regret

a belt suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder