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full circle middle school ministry

my church is doing a series on significance right now. and they’re creating some little video vignets of people telling their stories. i absolutely love this one on so many levels. i love it because the church actually chose to show someone who is finding significance by working in middle school ministry (seriously, i don’t know a lot of churches that would do that). and i love it because ben, the guy in the video, isn’t flashy, or cocky — just the opposite; he talks about ministering out of his weakness, and how much kids respond to that.

but the biggest reason i think i love this video is because i’ve always loved ben. when i first started volunteering with the middle school ministry at my church, about 9 years ago, ben had just begun middle school (i think he was a 6th grader — though he might have started a year later). i always thought he was a great kid; but i could tell that our middle school ministry was a rare safe haven for him (though he had a great home with wonderful parents also). he felt safe in our group. he felt valued, and wanted.

and, now, ben is a co-leader with me in the same ministry. it’s a great story. and any of you who work with teenagers for a while at the same church have stories like this one. i hope this encourages you at least a fraction as much as it did me.

i’d like to introduce you to my friend, ben toth:

(ht to rod for the video)