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a handful of noteworthy (or at least amusing) links, part 2 (of 2)

here’s a nifty little website — phone spell — that converts any phone number (or any 16 digits, including letters) into all possible spelled words and word combinations. i was sad that my cell number turned up no results, but i had fun putting in other numbers i know.


my friend mark aardsma has developed a slick little iphone app called ‘time audit‘. it’s a time-tracking app; but it’s for more than just “billable hours” or something like that, because you choose not only a ‘how i spent my time’ option, but also a ‘why’ option. the resulting metrics can provide interesting data for how your life aligns with what you want it to be about!

(btw: mark’s other two companies might be interesting to church leaders and youth workers: ats acoustics sells pre-made and you-make acoustic panels for recording spaces and other spaces with sound-baffling needs (can you say “youth group room”?), and their prices are WAY below anyone else; and ats rentals rents out video projectors (and other a.v. equipment) in a super-easy ‘shipped to where you need it’ carton. easy-breezy, lemon-squeezy. i wish i had 25% of mark’s entrepreneurial savvy.)


i thought this l.a.times article was an interesting reflection on the recent lebron james bruhaha. instead of commentary about what he should have or shouldn’t have done, it’s commentary about how lebron’s choice is in step with the values of the millennial generation he’s a part of. a snippet:

…But his move simply puts him in step with others of his generation. If younger workers have displayed anything as employees, it’s that they prize mobility more than they do fidelity to their employers