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sure, i’m a bit of an app addict. but i’ve got it under control. it’s not like i need to start going to AAA (app addicts anonymous) and workin’ the 12 steps.

but i use enough apps to know the difference between a crapp (ha! i just made up that word!) and a decent app and a great app. so i’m happy to tell you about a way-cool youth ministry app created by an actual youth worker (with mad nerd skills, man).

meet: CLIPS, developed by rj grunewald, a junior high pastor (yes!) in the detroit area. (or, to find the CLIPS app on itunes, click here)

rj was kind enough to send me a free copy of the app to play around with; but it officially releases today.

rj says he likes to make apps that solve problems he has. the problem he’s trying to solve this time around? finding scenes in easy-to-rent films that have teaching value. that’s what CLIPS does. with more than 50 scenes in there so far, and more being added regularly, you can search by theme, passage, or movie.

here’s rj’s description:

Have you ever noticed that a scene from a popular movie can often teach better than any great lesson from a pastor or small group leader? Clips is all about helping people engage with the Bible by using scenes from great films. Pastors, small group leaders, and youth ministers can all benefit with the tools provided. Clips tells you exactly what scenes to use, what topics to teach, the verses you could use, and even some possible discussion questions. It gives you everything you need to easily find the scene you are teaching from, even linking to it in iTunes.

Open the app and you are free to browse the movie library, look up topics you’d like to teach, or even search for a scene based on a particular verse. Once you’ve found the movie you want to use, Clips makes it easy for you to have exactly what you need to lead a discussion on that scene.

– Library of 50 movies (and growing…)
– Over 80 topics
– Search by title, topic, or verse
– Share scene details via email
– Save your favorite clips and add used clips to history
– Easily find movies in iTunes through download links

heck, each scene even has discussion questions! if you had a few of these movies laying around, you could seriously use this thing as a last-minute back up curriculum for a small group.

anyhow, i think it’s totally cool, and thought you’d like to see it! serious props to rj, one of our own!