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free ‘voyage of the dawn treader’ (narnia) screening for youth pastors and pastors

here’s a cool thing to get to announce: fox and my friends at grace hill media are making a whole bunch of screenings of the next narnia movie (voyage of the dawn treader) available for FREE, for pastors and youth pastors. screenings are all over the country this week and next.

you have to have an email address that matches the url of your church (like, [email protected] and www.churchofwhyismarko.org), in order to sign up.

i’m going to the screening in nashville, next thursday night (nov 18). anyone who’s gonna be in town for the nywc want to join me? c’mon — we’ll party like it’s whatever-year-it-is-in-narnia!

click on the image below, or on this link, to sign up!