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paris pics, part 4

my 15 year-old daughter, liesl, and i spent 5 days in paris. i’m going to post a 4-parter of my favorite pics from our trip. this last one, part 4, are just photos i liked…

when we walked to the rodin museum, we passed this post with stickers all over it, but didn’t know what they were. but we found out a few minutes later when liesl got a little sticker as a free student entrance (most paris museums allow people under 25 in for free – there’s your lengthening of adolescence right there). on the way out, i caught this pic of liesl adding her sticker to the collection.

this pic i took of sacre ceour is all bleached out with overexposure; but i really liked how it turned out.

we had a great break in the cafe at the musee d’orsay, which is right behind a massive clock facing the sienne river. i asked liesl to take my pic, including me and the clock, but not the guy’s head who was sitting next to me.

liesl’s favorite animals on earth are “lambies”. we found these as we were trudging around the grounds of versailles.

our little dumpy hotel room had a couple good things going for it: location, and a balcony overlooking a really quaint street. the day we arrived, liesl was fried; but i loved this pic of her chillaxing on the balcony.