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you have heard it said

david hayward, a.k.a. naked pastor, is pure. one of those deeply good people with no guile in them. a very rare breed.

and once in a while, david’s cartoons speak more in one panel than an entire sermon could ever hope. like, this one he posted today:

seriously. more to think about, more to feel convicted about, than the sum total of ten average sermons.

buy david’s book of comics, btw.

naked pastor 101, the cartoons

i’m a big fan of david hayward. david is a blogger, cartoonist, artist, and pastor, with a quiet and humble revolutionary spirit. david was part of the team i took on my 2nd trip to haiti, earlier this year.

i’ve posted some of david’s cartoons on my blog before. and now, david has released a big collection of them in book form.

from david’s blog (naked pastor):


This is the first edition of cartoon my 101 best black and white cartoons. It includes 10 cartoons never before seen on his blog. After numerous requests for a book to be published, the day has finally arrived! You can order the book or download it now from this site!


“What another creative communicator did with parables, David Hayward does with cartoons… I’m a big fan!” Brian McLaren

“David Hayward does what cartoonists do best: he makes you laugh, gets you on side, and then catches you unawares with a challenging thought that comes at you sideways. Unmissable!” Maggi Dawn

“David Hayward says more of the hopes of God, the struggles of the church and the possible path forward for us all in images than anyone could with words.” Doug Pagitt

“David’s unique gift exposes the joy and the pain in a God-centered life.” Bill Kinnon

“His work is raw, honest and intelligent.” Jon Birch

“Ever since I stumbled upon David’s cartoons, I’ve been hooked.” Hemant Mehta

“Through nakedpastor’s cartoons, I’ve been able to join other broken buddies as we pray and play on the fringes of the faith. By deconstructing the mounds of Jesus junk, we can catch fleeting glimpses of God.” Becky Garrison

“David’s cartoon’s are often funny, sometimes sad, always honest. I think of them as political cartoons that aren’t about politics: they express a longing or a frustration or challenge to think in a new way.” Mark Oestreicher


* The cartoons deal with issues of faith and the church.
* Many use the cartoons not just for humor but for devotional purposes.
* The cartoons have often been employed as great discussion starters.


1. You can buy it right here on nakedpastor the cheapest as a .pdf download.


2. You can order your hard copy, ebook version or .pdf version here on LULU.com.