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auditorium: an aural landscape game

this game is stunning — one of the most gorgeous games i’ve ever seen online. it combines the best of physics games with a beautiful visual and audio palette. i played well into level two before realizing i need to come back and play much more. (update: max and i came back later and got to “act 3, level 5” before finding it just too challenging to hold our attention).

auditorium (i’m not sure how much is available in the free trial)


(ht to andy garlich for sending me this, via email)

barcode escape game

barsmax and i love figuring out little online games like this one. click around, solve a few problems, collect gadgets for future use, and find your way out.

in this case, the solution is pretty simple, but the process is still fun. the drawings are hand-drawn, which is fun.

find the barcode scanner, as you’ll need it for a few things (there’s also a bunch of silliness from the various scans).

it only takes a few brain cells to solve, which leaves the rest to wonder if it was worth the 10 minutes you spent poking around. :)

kung-fu election

i can hardly believe someone took the time to create this hilarious game. but they did. and you simply must try it, even if only to look at it (warning: you have to sit through an ad before the game loads, and they are not all G-rated).

yes, it’s kung-fu election, an martial-arts fighter game starring the four current pres and veep candidates, as well as a handful who didn’t make it this far. each character has his or her own special weapon (palin has a wicked hockey stick that she turns around and becomes some kind of moose-shootin’ gun!), as well a special moves (hillary can send out a phantom bill to do a bit o’ punchin’ on her behalf; obama sends out a flock of doves!). dang funny stuff, really.

(ht to ian, at ys)


technically, this is a game (i got through level 14 on my first try, which wasn’t great, i’m assuming). but i enjoyed the visual aspect of the three-dimmensional rotating pixels. just move your mouse around to spin the grouping of pixels in space until they line up to create the image in the top right corner.

(the music, btw, is horrid, and must be turned off!)

(ht to neatorama)

puzzle farter game

yup, i’m juvenile. which is part of why i loved this game. it’s a simple concept — move the little guy using your arrow keys, trying to get him to the door. but the up-arrow flying action creates a fart propellant. complete with a variety of sounds! too fun. max, liesl and i giggled our way through it. and it’s harder than it first appears.

here’s the game.

(ht to neatorama)