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paris pics, part 4

my 15 year-old daughter, liesl, and i spent 5 days in paris. i’m going to post a 4-parter of my favorite pics from our trip. this last one, part 4, are just photos i liked…

when we walked to the rodin museum, we passed this post with stickers all over it, but didn’t know what they were. but we found out a few minutes later when liesl got a little sticker as a free student entrance (most paris museums allow people under 25 in for free – there’s your lengthening of adolescence right there). on the way out, i caught this pic of liesl adding her sticker to the collection.

this pic i took of sacre ceour is all bleached out with overexposure; but i really liked how it turned out.

we had a great break in the cafe at the musee d’orsay, which is right behind a massive clock facing the sienne river. i asked liesl to take my pic, including me and the clock, but not the guy’s head who was sitting next to me.

liesl’s favorite animals on earth are “lambies”. we found these as we were trudging around the grounds of versailles.

our little dumpy hotel room had a couple good things going for it: location, and a balcony overlooking a really quaint street. the day we arrived, liesl was fried; but i loved this pic of her chillaxing on the balcony.

paris pics, part 3

my 15 year-old daughter, liesl, and i spent 5 days in paris. i’m going to post a 4-parter of my favorite pics from our trip. this one, part 3, are my favorite art moments:

seeing amazing art is one of the best things about being in paris, of course. we were totally blown away by the marble sculptures. this one, we didn’t know the artist, or even the name of the piece, but we were so stunned by the beauty of this piece cut from one piece of marble.

when we entered the room where the mona lisa is, there were massive crowds around it. but what really caught our attention was this piece on the opposing wall: the wedding feast at cana. it’s HUGE, covering an entire wall.

the small musee l’orangerie has two oval rooms with monet water lillies covering the whole thing — 360-degrees. monet himself designed the rooms. it’s one of my happiest places on earth.

i’ve always liked this monet painting, but it’s never been my favorite. but standing in front of it, it just took my breath away with its beauty, grace, color.

i dig van gogh. one of my favorites – starry night – wasn’t in the orsay when we visited (it must have been out of loan or something); but i love the color and style of this church (and am moved and pained by knowing van gogh used light to indicate warmth and light, and always painted churches without any light in the windows).

paris pics, part 2

my 15 year-old daughter, liesl, and i spent 5 days in paris. i’m going to post a 4-parter of my favorite pics from our trip. this one, part 2, are some of my favorite moments from the trip:

after trekking to sacre ceour, and wandering through the fun art community of montmartre, we stopped for crepes at a little cafe.

every morning, we walked a block to a great little bakery and bought yummy and cheap breakfast. liesl really dug the raspberry tort.

after trudging through the louvre, we crashed on the lawn outside (with hundreds of others). it was a beautiful day (better than the sky looks in this pic), and liesl started juggling bubble gum.

the gardens at the rodin museum were absolutely stunning. i loved this pic of liesl standing in front of a little fountain.

i had fond memories of having the best ice cream in the world with jeannie when we were in paris 13 years ago. liesl and i found the same place, on the backside of notre-dame, got double scoops, and sat by the sienne river enjoying the day. i had melon and white chocolate.

pic from paris, part 1

my 15 year-old daughter, liesl, and i spent 5 days in paris. i’m going to post a 4-parter of my favorite pics from our trip. this first one, part 1, are my favorite tourist moments:

me, in front of “the thinker” at the rodin museum. i’d not been to this museum before, and it was one of the best things to see in paris.

me and liesl at the top of the eiffel tower.

in front of notre-dame cathedral.

we loved eating in little cafes all around the city. i tried (and loved) new things i’d not had before. this is me about to try steak tartare (raw, minced steak – and yes, that’s a raw egg on top) at a great outdoor cafe on the champs elysee.

liesl enjoyed versailles more than anything on our trip, and this moment of her staring at the ceiling of “the hall of mirrors” was a good moment.

monday morning update, april 13, 2009

paristhe weekend that was: what a weekend! liesl and i are in paris for 6 days, and that’s a pretty hard weekend to beat. we arrived on friday mid-morning, and found our way to our hotel via trains and the metro (the subway). we had a little confusion at one point, because the train into paris was free on that day for some reason, but you need a ticket to exit the train station; so when we got to the station where we had to transfer to the metro, we walked up and down stairs several times (pulling our luggage) trying to figure out how to get out to where we could buy a ticket for the rest of the way (and we couldn’t seem to find any workers who spoke any english).

our hotel is not the ritz. in fact, it’s kinda dumpy. but it’s a great location, steps from a metro station and a short walk to the eiffel tower. after unpacking, and a quick lunch at a cafe, we took a short nap, then walked over to the eiffel. it was a mob scene (which it has been the two other times we went back), with lines that looked to be about three hours long. so we still haven’t gone up it. we wandered over to the sienne river, and decided to hop on a river cruise thing. pretty touristy, but that’s what we are! liesl needed her re-charge time (she’s not a power-through-the-day tourist like i am in places like this). so we walked over to rue cler (a great walking street about two blocks from our hotel) and found another cafe for dinner.

saturday we got going at the crack of 9:30, and made our way (stopping for fresh pastries, of course) to sacre coeur, the beautiful basilica at the top of the hill in montmartre. we were supposed to meet a friend of a friend who lives here, but never did find each other. after touring the basilica with a thousand friends (!), we walked around montmartre, stopping for a crepe, and checking out all the artists working in the street. then we headed down to the louvre. we bought a paris “museum pass”, as our guidebook suggested, and it’s been the single best find of the whole trip. not only is it a good deal, price-wise, it has enabled us to skip the waiting line at every museum, and plenty of other locations, and walk right in. we hit the highlights at the louvre, then went outside and laid on the lawn for a while (it was a gorgeous day, and there were hundreds of people laying around). we made our way down to the musee l’orangerie, a small museum that’s focused on impressionism, and has two large oval-shaped rooms with huge monet water lilly paintings 360-degrees around you. it’s one of my happiest places on earth.

sunday we hit the other two museums on our list: musee d’orsay, and one i’d not been to before, musee rodin. that one was stunning: mostly an outside garden, perfectly manicured, with dozens of rodin’s sculptures all over it (like “the thinker” and “the kiss”). we took a break at the hotel and liesl got some homework done. then we took a long metro ride to a street liesl had memorized a poem about in her french class: rue des gobelins. it was a pretty street, but we found a little restaurant where our waiter talked me into the best burger i’ve ever had in my life (“not an american burger, this is a FRENCH hamburger!”). i couldn’t help thinking of steve martin’s character in the pink panther, trying to learn how to say hamburger (which, i also realized, was funny since hamburgers are on the menu of every cafe we’ve gone to). we’re back at our hotel as i type, and liesl has just gone to bed. our room is on the fifth floor, and has a little balcony on it; so i’m sitting outside enjoying the night while i type.

tomorrow, notre-dame and sainte-chapelle, plus another shot at the eiffel, or maybe the champs elysee and the arc de triomphe. tuesday: versailles. we fly home wednesday.

where i am at the moment: in paris, baby!

on my to-do list this week: enjoy paris with my daughter, fly home, then dive into two days at ys at the end of the week.

procrastinating about: nothing i care to even think about at the moment!

book i’m in the midst of: finished pete gall’s learning my name (i’ll post a review at some point), and still reading the other two i was in the midst of (what would google do, and a richard rohr thing on the enneagram).

music that seemed to catch my attention this past week: nothing really, although liesl and i have both had “sugar, sugar” (that 60s cartoon song) and “we are the grapes of wrath” (from veggie tales) in our heads all weekend. the first is unexplainable, and the second is because liesl’s reading the grapes of wrath for school right now.

next trip: i don’t know, and i don’t care.

how i’m feeling about this week: i don’t know, and i don’t care.

off to paris!

notredamefor christmas, jeannie and i cashed in a bunch of airline miles and gave each other and our kids a pretty cool gift. max and jeannie leave today for a week in london; and liesl and i leave today for a week in paris. max has always wanted to see london (it is, after all, the location of so many kids’ stories, from peter pan to harry potter), and liesl has a dream of living in france someday.

we found a reasonably priced hotel near the eiffel tower, and have plans to see these places:
Sacre Coeur
Musée du Louvre
Musée national de l’Orangerie
Musée d’Orsay
Musée Rodin
Avenue de goblin (not much to see here, but it was a key part of a poem liesl learned in french class this year)
Arc de Triomphe
Champs Elysees
Eiffel tower

we come home late next wednesday night. i don’t expect to be on my blog much between now and then; but i have one or two posts timed to go up each day.

au revoir!

monday morning update, april 6, 2009

the weekend that was: nice weekend of family stuff. friday night, jeannie and max and i got carry out and watched twilight. saturday, i got to sleep in a bit, then bumped around the house most of the morning. in the afternoon, i performed the wedding for the daughter of one of my closest friends (really, i was like doing the wedding for a niece). nice simple wedding, and a relaxing reception in the backyard of a beautiful home with a gorgeous view. i stayed up late that night at home, and watched pineapple express (which started slow, but got funnier as it went). sunday i went to church, then drove up to orange county to have dinner with my new leadership coaching team.

where i am at the moment: in orange county today. i’m stoked to be part of a year-long leadership coaching program that john townsend leads. there are 10 of us in the group, and we’ll meet one monday a month for 12 months. i’m sure i’ll post much more about this in the months to come, but the group i’ll be traveling with is very diverse, with people from all over the country and all kinds of different roles (from business leaders to a psychologist to a middle school administrator). i’ll drive home later this evening.

on my to-do list this week: after getting home tonite, i’ll have two days in the office before i go on vacation for a week. lots to do in those two days!

procrastinating about: now i’m back to procrastinating about the final re-writes on the middle school ministry book. it’s due right after i return from my vacation, so i need to get crackin’ on it.

book i’m in the midst of: same three i was in the midst of last week:
– i’m still listening to richard rohr’s cd series on the enneagram, called “the enneagram: the discernment of the spirits
– i’m reading the manuscript for pete gall’s next book, “learning my name
– and i’ve just started “what would google do” on my kindle

screammusic that seemed to catch my attention this past week: what caught my attention, musically, this week was actually a total disappointment. sometimes i get in the mood for some good, hook-filled hard rock, and chris cornell has provided some tasty music for those moods over the years (especially in his audioslave and solo stuff). so i was stoked to get an email from itunes that he had a new album out, and downloaded it immediately. and it totally and completely sucks. it’s like chris cornell fronting brittany spears band, or at least, like chris cornell produced by brittany spears’ producer. full of the kind of music that just does not work with his voice. i listened to it for a few days, hoping it would grow on me. but i could just hear simon cowell in my head the whole time lecturing him about how he’d chosen the wrong song.

437279next trip: woo-hoo! for christmas, we cashed in a bunch of airline miles and got some (free) flights. i gave jeannie and max a trip to london, and jeannie gave me and liesl a trip to paris. we all leave thursday and return the following wednesday. liesl and i will get to paris on good friday, and have that afternoon, plus the next four full days. we plan on doing all the things a tourist should do in paris, including the cathedrals, the eiffel tower, the museums, a trip to versailles, and other good stuff. i’m really looking forward to having this extended time with my daughter (who’s 15, by the way, and has a dream of living in france someday).

how i’m feeling about this week: can’t wait to get to paris!