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open source seminar at NYWC

so, we’re introducing a bunch of new things at the national youth workers convention this year. and one of these things that i’ve been excited about is the addition of a group of “open source seminars”. for these selected seminars, the presenter has put content online, on a wiki, where those who plan on attending the seminar have the opportunity to speak into and interact with the content prior to the convention.

i’m doing an open source seminar on creating your own middle school ministry curriculum. my hope was that people who plan on attending will interact with me around subject matter and other stuff; then we would come together in each of the convention cities and actually develop a 4 – 8 week series of interactive stuff.

problem is: no one is engaging on my wiki! now, i know there will be dozens, if not a hundred or more, people who attend this seminar. so, come on!

i asked my fellow ys staffer adam mclane to write up a little description of the dealio, and here’s what he provided me:

NYWC attendees can help Marko collaborate on his Developing Our Own Curriculum session by joining the Open Source site for your city. Head over to nywc.com, on the homepage you’ll see a section called “Open Source seminars.” Click on the city you’re going to and follow the instructions to create an account. Once that is done you can go back to the Open Source site and leave comments on Marko’s session or flat out edit the text he has there with your own thoughts. If you’ve never used a wiki for a project, it is incredible to watch morph from one persons thoughts to “our thoughts.” Together we’ll plug away, share ideas, and build a lot of the elements for the session Marko will present at each NYWC. If anyone needs help at the Open Source site, I’m here to help. [email protected]