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great note from a parent

i received a wonderful email from the mom of one of my 6th grade guys the other day. what an encouragment!

Marko and Brett [brett’s my co-leader]:

I just want to thank you two for taking the time and energy into investing into the lives of four middle school boys. Coming to small group is the absolute highlight of Zach’s week. Do you know how much that means to us?

He has to keep a daily journal of writing for school and I was looking at it with him this week. One of the writing prompts was “What is an icon in your life and why is it important? “ Zach wrote about the cross and talked about being a “hardcore Christian.” The words that spilled out of him onto the page were words I have not heard from him before. I realized that for the first time in his life he has a group of other adults (meaning not Mom or Dad or other family) that are speaking into his life on a spiritual level. He is thinking about things and grappling with ideas and beliefs that were not prompted by me or Chris. I know this is to be expected and normal at his age, but it is truly exciting to see him emerge into this.

And it just made me want to thank you for what you are doing. I know that you lead busy lives and could spend your time in many different ways. We are so thankful that you choose to invest in Zach. Thank you!