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what a freakin’ small world

monday i got picked up by a friend here in sydney, and he drove me out to the suburbs for a meeting i had with our primary ys distributor here in australia — a christian bookstore chain called koorong. i had lunch with the owner of kooring and talked about youth ministry in australia, ys books, and possible one-day training events in partnership with them. had a great spicy thai curry.

when we got back to the office, he showed me around and introduced me to people. when we got to the office of his cfo, he said, “john’s an american too.” john and i made small talk for a bit, about how he ended up in australia and such. he asked about san diego, and how often i have to travel to grand rapids for zondervan visits. somewhere in the midst of that, i mentioned in passing that i grew up in detroit.

john responded with, “me too — what part?”

i said i grew up in livonia.

he said, “me too — what’s your last name?”

i said, “oestreicher.”

he quietly said, “i dated your sister.”

i TOTALLY thought he was kidding, and laughed, until he said my sister’s name. turns out this guy was in my church youth group, though a few years older than me. we’d graduated from the same high school. and he had, indeed, dated my sister for a bit while she was on a short hiatus from her previous and later boyfriend, who became my brother-in-law. he knew both of my sisters and their eventual husbands.

just too weird.