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a girl and her snake

part of what i completely dig about my daughter, liesl, is that she is wonderfully unpredictable and chooses her own path.

recently, i had confirmation of this when i found out she wanted a pet snake. seriously, it’s not every 15 year-old girl who wants a pet snake. well, max, my fantastically generous 11 year-old son, really wanted to help liesl realize her snakey desire. he gave her a stash o’ cash for her birthday a month ago, as well as a little half-log thingy for a snake to hide under. liesl added more of her own money, and bought a tank, the stuff for the inside, and this beautiful albino milk snake, which she promptly named “amii” (with two i’s, because that’s the kind of thing liesl does).

the only “downside” of the snake for my vegetarian daughter is that amii is NOT a vegetarian, and has to be fed a baby mouse (called a “pinky”) once a week.

here’s liesl and amii: two beauties!


try not to jump

two snake video posts in one day. might as well double-’em up, i say.

word of warning: if you’re ever in an exotic location on vacation, or a mission trip (like, a location that happens to have massive and ridiculously long snakes); and, should you decide it would be a really cool idea to shoot a video of the snake, panning very slowly up its absurdly long body, from tail to head; you might want to be prepared for a surprise when you get to the “head shot”.

i dare you to watch this short video and not jump.