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lucas isn’t gonna change

two and a half years ago, when zondervan bought youth specialties, we announced it with this goofy little video.

so, i got a great kick out of seeing this new video of lucas leys, our spanish director. actually, lucas just got a promotion: he’s now the vp of spanish ministries for ys, as well as the publisher for vida (zondervan’s spanish division). lucas was understandably concerned that this announcement might not go over well with those who would be worried that it would decrease his ability to focus on youth ministry for the latin world (we’re being extremely careful about that, btw), so took our “we’re not really going to change” idea and shot his own video. it’s funny, even if you don’t speak spanish — you can get the idea…


so, if you have a mind to pray, i would really appreciate your prayers today.

the spanish division of ys has been exploding in the last few years. really exciting stuff, which i’ve blogged about many times. we have developed some wonderful friends through these years, in the spanish church and youth ministry world. many of these people have spoken at lots of our spanish conventions.

a few guys in particular had become very close friends of ours. even though i ride the coat-tails of the spanish stuff, i consider these guys personal friends. we were together multiple times a year, and have really enjoyed each other and believed in each other.

but some time in the last year or so, things got sideways with them. they had banded together to form an organization, which is absolutely wonderful. but somewhere we all lost sight of the friendship, and things turned into a competition. i don’t think any of us actually intended for this to happen, but it’s become hurtful to the kingdom of god.

recently, when things were spiraling a bit, we all agreed to get face to face and rely on our friendship to work through and past this current nastiness. so today, i’m flying to dallas for a three hour meeting (then home tonite). i’m confident we will embrace and start off well. but i’m praying (and ask you to pray with me) that we are able to stay on the level of, “how can we bless you guys and your ministry?” that’s my real hope. there’s plenty of work to do in the world of spanish youth ministry for these two organizations and twenty more. getting into finger-pointing or “he said, she said” will get us nowhere.

i’ll let you know how it goes.

thanks for praying — the meeting went well. we got caught up on life for a while, and then they shared the vision for their ministry for a while, which was good (both good to hear, and good for them to be heard, i think). then, for a couple more hours, we talked about how we got sideways, and what commitments we can make to each other to speak highly of each other and hope for the best for each ministry. the one thing that surprised me the most was how hurt one of the guys had been – some from things we did, some from things people did that he associated with us, and some from misunderstanding. but being heard, combined with our genuine apologies, seemed to be important.

i’m hopeful for the future.