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the speed of trust

The SPEED of Trust: The One Thing That Changes Everything, by Stephen M.R. Covey

i slowly read this book on my kindle, over the course of about a month. it was helpful, insightful, and occasionally painful.

covey (this is the younger covey, by the way — son of the stephen covey who wrote “the 7 laws…” stuff) both knows his stuff, and clearly did a lot of preparation for this book. peppered throughout with stories of businesses and individuals, the book lays out the role of trust in human relationships: this certainly includes (and to some extent, focuses on) business, but includes friendships, civic groups (and churches), and marriages. he explains in detail, offers assessment tools and questions, then goes a step further by outlining pathways to build trust.

at times, i felt the book had a bit too much detail. i think i would have liked it more at 2/3 the length. but it’s not wordy, and i’m sure those parts i skimmed a bit would be helpful to others.

it’s impossible to read this book and not constantly dip into self-reflection:
– what am i doing to build or erode trust in my workplace?
– what am i doing to build or erode trust in my friendships?
– what am i doing to build or erode trust in my marriage?

as someone who has a natural tendency toward spin and manipulation, and has been on a decade-long journey of trying to live more honestly, i was regularly challenged. i quickly saw old behaviors (that i have moved away from), and begrudgingly confronted ongoing behaviors, thought patterns, and proclivities.

really, while i think this book could be helpful for just about anyone, it is particularly important reading for anyone in a leadership role: in a business, in a church, or any other organization.