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um, they’re permanent

i posted recently about the tattoo contest on stuff christians like. and i got funding for my next tattoo for my birthday back and may, and still haven’t scheduled the time to do it. so tats have been on my mind a bit lately.

which is why this list caught my eye: 10 great misspelled tattoos.

seriously, while i’m supportive of the idea of tattoos, i’m not supportive of the idea of stupid tattoos. if you’re going to ink something permanent on your body, make sure it’s something you could conceive having on you, in a slightly more expanded and saggy form, 20 or 30 or 40 years from now. and, for the love of god and all things good and right, make sure it’s spelled correctly!

a choice sample:

christian tat contest

i forgot to mention earlier that i was a judge in a christian tattoo contest, hosted firmly tongue-in-cheek by the ever-snarky stuff christian like blog (read the post today about ‘in church massages‘ — it’s hilarious). SCL sent me and the other judges a few dozens contestant shots, and we were to pick our top 10. to be honest, i only liked two of them at all. i selected another 6 or 7 anyhow, but the only two i dug were this super-faint (due to the ink color) “mercy” inked on the inside wrist of a former cutter:

and this sweet old school styled tat of a lamb:

SCL has posted the finalists in three sets. the judges role was to pick the finalists, but now it’s up to the readers (very american idol influenced, that SCL):

set 1

set 2

set 3

only two days left to vote. he’s closing the contest monday, i think.