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win a copy of the new album from The Digital Age

the digital age bandi hope, by now, you’ve heard of the band The Digital Age. while it will not be long before they don’t need this explanation, The Digital Age is made up of four of the six former members of the David Crowder Band. i’ve known these guys for years and love that i can honestly call them friends.

earlier this year, i was the main speaker at a large youth event where The Digital Age was the worship band. so, even though i knew them well already, and had heard them play as part of DC*B dozens and dozens of times, that was the first time i’d seen them lead in their new formation. and. it. was. awesome. i mean, anyone who knew the previous band knew that these guys are wickedly talented as musicians. but a bunch of good musicians doesn’t necessarily make a great band, right? however: mike d, jack, mark and bwack are much more than great musicians. they’re great songwriters, great worship leaders, and great performers (oh, and they’re really great guys too!). really, i’m stoked about the future for these guys, and the songs we’ll all be singing that will flow from them in the years to come.

evening-morningand this week their first full-length album released, called EVENING : MORNING. check it out on itunes. buy it.

and! and! i get to give away some copies of the album here! let’s call it three copies. just leave a comment telling me why you should win, and i will either randomly or subjectively choose three of ’em later this week. the band will actually mail you a CD in the mail if you win.

i’ve had the album for a couple weeks and, if digital files could get grooves from wear, mine would have ’em.

winner, winner, bwack dinner

ooh, that was meant to imply a dinner with bwack, not a dinner of bwack. you sick person.

i wanted to pick stephen moye and brian aaby as two of the winners, i’ll admit, because i liked their answers. but since they’re personal friends of mine, i think it would be insider trading. so, sorry guys.

cliff, you almost won for your falconry comment also. you were a close fourth. but i’m only giving away three copies.

and those go to:

jake. your “bow chica bow wow” and the idea that you would use the digital age album as a… um… marital device, totally cracked me up. yes. please do follow through. for the sake of world peace.

jonathan sigmon. we want you to love again, man.

and kirk moore, for the anti-entry. brilliant.

congrats, dudes!