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liesl becomes a samurai

liesl’s high school education continues to be oddly wonderful. today, she starts, for four consecutive monday afternoons, learning kendo from the top kendo (artist? practitioner? performer?) in san diego. they say it’s all about respect and harmony and self-control and all kinds of other really good stuff. but, still, it’s samurai sword fighting!

btw, her class had an overnight metalsmithing field trip this past week. she came home with a couple minor burns, but learned how to forge iron.



so excited about my daughter starting high school

liesl will start attending a new private high school this fall that’s part of the school she’s been attending the last few years. it’s called the waldorf high school of san diego. it’s tiny to begin with — 14 students in the freshman class (which will be the only class this fall). but for those 14 kids, they have 2 full-time faculty, 4 part-time faculty, and 2 or 3 visiting faculty.

i am so stoked about the education and experience she’ll have this year.

we went to a faculty/parent/student potluck and school-year kick-off thingy the other night, where they went over a bunch of info about the year, and we had a chance to get to know the teachers and such. and we got her schedule for the year. it’s so freakin’ cool:

every morning, all year, they have a ‘seminar’ (like a block study) for a concentrated number of weeks, taught by the various faculty (including the visiting peeps). these will cover: history of drama, geology, social justice. modern revolutions, descriptive geometry, human anatomy, thermodynamics, the grapes of wrath, organic chemistry, and history of art.

then they have a period that is literature and history three days a week, and dance two days a week (this is the kind of thing that will really engage liesl), followed by a period that is choir one day a week, and algebra the other four days.

they can choose french or spanish (liesl will take french), and she’ll have that every day while the kids taking spanish have lunch (then she’ll have lunch while the spanish kids are in class).

the afternoon periods are different each day: monday and thursday are “movement” (which is a waldorf way of saying “P.E”), wednesday is band (they have a totally cool dude of a band leader, who’s also a performing jazz guitarist), and tuesday and friday are art. this “art” chunk is a kick. they start with 4.5 weeks of metalsmithing (yeah, the geology teacher is also a female blacksmith!), 8 weeks of creative writing, 3 weeks of community service, 2 weeks of glasswork, and 17.5 weeks of fine art.

then, there are optional after school programs for sports.

we’re totally pumped (as is liesl). this is one of the main reasons we’re moving (and downsizing), so we can afford to make this tuition a priority.

a little reminder for those who might be newer to my blog: i’m a huge fan of public schools, and we only switched to a private school because liesl’s learning style didn’t fit the public school, and she was dying (academically and emotionally). the private school we chose isn’t a christian school – we want our kids to learn in an environment that includes people of other beliefs and faiths, and to learn to be salt and light in the world. as for cost: well, this is one of the main reasons why we’re downsizing and moving today.