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word association

this isn’t really a game, but more of a fun little time killer. it’s word association. a word is offered up, and you type in the first word that comes to your mind. the site generates an associated word, and you type again: on and on, as long as you like. the word string generated by you and the website slowly builds across the bottom of the screen (every other word being one you added).

here’s the string i made, with the every-other-word help of the site:

advancing, forward, play, game, cricket, england, kingdom, god, earth, heaven, sent, mail, spam, hawaii, beach, ball, roll, round, midnight, jazz, sax, trumpet, elephant, trunk, box, lid, twist, shout, quiet, hush, mush, dogsled, alaska, sarah, patience, virtue, prudence, name, baby, cry, foul, smell, skunk, stripe, zebra, africa, aids, horrible, movie, theater, popcorn, faith, keep, find, hunt, gather, harvest