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welcome to the new ysmarko

when i started ysmarko a little over four years ago, i grabbed a clean and simple free wordpress template called “benevolence”, with a cross-section of green grass sprouting across the header. a little while later, ys online dude at the time, will leingang, helped me a tweak it a tiny bit. but for the most part, i’ve had that same old template for four years straight. and these days, i see so many blog designs i love (and quite a few i really don’t like). i spoke with adam mclane, my coworker at ys, about redesigning the whole thing. adam asked me to identify a bunch of blogs i liked (the look of), so he could get an idea of what i was thinking. after looking at a few hundred, it was obvious i don’t go for the ones with lots of clutter and darkness. i like clean. and i knew i wanted a twitter feed, and a current reading list, and a few other things. so adam asked ys media scion ian robertson to whip up a little ysmarko logo, then adam presented me with a string of ever-evolving possibilities.

and here it is!

i hope you like it; but, ultimately, i chose it because i like it.

the tabs at the top give a few more biographical options. the right side has the twitter feed (it had a facebook status feed also, but that seems to not be working with facebook’s redesign; so it might be back later), a few other sets of unobtrusive links, and my current reads. clean, baby, but with some life to it. yeah.

there are a bunch of back-end changes also, like the permalinks are now the titles of the posts, rather than a number; so you should be able to find specific posts more easily (as should google).

anyhoo. thanks to ian and adam (and i think jonathan matlock also).

whatcha think?

sorry for the silence

we’ve been working to move my blog over the weekend. well, to be fair, adam mclane has been working to move my blog over the weekend. it was the only ys thing still remaining on the gospelcom servers. he’d backed it up and done the upgrades and started to migrate the content, and the everything worked perfectly – except moving the last 6 month of posts and comments. he tried again: same thing. eventually it worked, apparently. but i wasn’t able to post, and kept seeing (you may have noticed, if you actually visit this blog, not just read it through a reader) that the newest post was about 6 months old).

anyhow. all is good now. and ysmarko happily rests in its new server-home. sure glad adam did this work — i would have been clueless man.