take a bath

liesl and i got the chance to run over to bath, england, today. (it’s called ‘bath’, btw, because the city was built around ancient roman baths, which are still in the city center.) what a stunning city. we had a great and quick 2 1/2 hours checking out the city center, walking through the main abbey church (built in the late 10th century!), ate a very british baguette lunch, and strolled the walking streets. here are a few pics:



and, my personal submission for the “i want to stand out as a dorky american tourist” award…


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  1. What’s crazy to me is that that church took 500 years to build. 500 years! And that was normal for cathedrals in Europe … man, people get mad and leave church’s in the US when building projects take a year or two …

  2. Wonder what kind of capital campagne they had to pay for the construction of that church?


  3. Oh MY GOSH!!! I have been there! I have been right where you were standing! Bath is indeed a beautiful city – though not very colorful – all the buildings are in the same bathstone color… but wonderful city to be in!

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