technorati sez ysmarko is the #1 blog in the world!

top-100.bmpi check out incoming links to ysmarko every day or so on technorati. always interesting to see who’s linking in. but yesterday, something was wrong. the little widget was there that showed “authority” and ranking and such. but the main part of the results page said “0 blogs link to”.

but then i noticed something.

in the widget, while it had the “authority” correct at 441 or something like that, it listed my rank as 1, and had the “top 100” blogs icon.

woo-hoo! thanks, technorati, for whatever glitch caused the display to show that wrong info. it was fun to have — at least on my screen, if nowhere else, the #1 blog in the universe and a top 100 ranking. don’t rush to fix it.

3 thoughts on “technorati sez ysmarko is the #1 blog in the world!”

  1. jeff — the technorati “authority” number is the number of unique blogs who have linked in the past 6 months.

  2. I understand, it was a combination of my bad humor and satire not coming across.

    When I clicked over it had the right number and your correct rank .. hey 8200 +/- is not bad ..

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