teenage brilliance of the week, so far

two teenage boys were arrested in kansas city for climbing into the hippo exhibit at the zoo and “taunting” the hippos (which included throwing rocks at them). the hippos, apparently, were bothered by this taunting, and were charging the boys (who were 14 years old). neither of them were harmed, miraculously, as hippos are faster than humans, about two tons each, have nasty teeth, and are considered one of the most dangerous animals in the world.

and, the boys did it because… (ready? you see it coming, don’t you?)… they were trying to impress a girl.

this leaves me with a few thoughts:

1. right there, yup. case study #1 in the whole “prefrontal cortext isn’t developed, so kids don’t have good decision making ability” discussion.

2. i would think taunting a hippo would include some very easy insults about weight. but maybe that’s just too easy.

3. are 14 year-old girls actually impressed when boys taunt hippos?

12 thoughts on “teenage brilliance of the week, so far”

  1. I have never desired to impress a woman so much that I would taunt a huge animal. Just a little fact I once heard hippos kill more people in Africa than anything else.

  2. So what was the lion exhibit already full? I do believe their are a few boys at my church who would be so dumb.

  3. I don’t know, man. Just imagine the story that they could tell their kids. Mom and Dad, how did you guys meet? Well son, it all started with me making fun of a hippo…

  4. I can’t say that this would impress me… Boys, the best way to impress a girl is to say “hello.”

  5. I think he hippos may have been jealous of the girls the boys were trying to impress.

  6. Taunting hippos…hmmmmm…so that’s what my middle schoolers are doing to me each week!

  7. One better would be a YouTube video. NOW THAT would have impressed girls everywhere….maybe…a little…well?! hmmm…maybe not.

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