teenage ring-tones

just read this in “the week” (a news magazine). fascinating…

…Teenagers, The New York Times reports this week, are now downloading into their cell phones a ring tone that most parents and teachers can’t hear. It’s not magic: The high-frequency squeal, which was originally created to drive off loitering adolescents, is simply out of the hearing range of ears over 40. But some hormonal insurgent in this asymmetrical war figured out how to turn the adult weapon against us. Now teens can get calls and text messages even when school and parental rules forbid it, as they snigger at the clueless adults. “You’ve got to give the kids credit for ingenuity,” says Simon Morris of Compound Security, which originally created the high-pitched sound…. (William Faulk)

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  1. yes! isn’t that something? that was also in the ys update this last week ;) … don’t you love the week? It’s become my favorite mag. I got it as a free sub through my salon membership last year and continued to subscribe after my freebie ran out.

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