teens are happy!

anastasia posted a couple weeks ago about a new study that was just released by OTX Research and The Intelligence Group on teens’ self image. according to the research, teens are happy!

they’re willing to spend a lot of money on their looks, however:

– 81% of teens said they were at least somewhat happy and over a third (36%) say they are very happy
– 61% of teens said they worry about their looks, and 48% said they compare the way they look with friends and peers.
– 50% of teens said looks and physical appearance were very important when it comes to ‘being respected by others’, but only 33% said it was important for ‘being liked by others’

Which leads to…
– The survey found that teens spend an average of $27 per month on health and
beauty products
– Deodorants were the most commonly used products used on a daily basis (84%)
– Whitening toothpastes (55%)
– lip balms (54%)
– perfumes (52%)
– and facial scrubs (44%)

And who is the most important influence when it comes to how teens feel about themselves? Not mom or dad, not even their friends….it’s their boyfriend or girlfriend (if they have one). Interestingly, religion comes second:
– Your girlfriend/boyfriend (84%)
– Your religion (82%)
– Your friends (79%)
– Your parents (74%)
– Your teacher(s) (72%)
– TV shows you watch (51%)
– Celebrities (e.g. actors, athletes, musicians) (49%)
– Magazines you read (38%)
– Advertising you see (on TV or elsewhere) (33%)
– Other kids in school (31%)

Some of the results from the last set of questions definitely feel like teens answered how they thought they should answer:
Would you rather…
Get a new car for your HS graduation (96%)
Get plastic surgery for your HS graduation (4%)
Exercise to lose weight (91%)
Take diet pills to lose weight (9%)
Get your College degree (90%)
Win American Idol (10%)
Have a lot of friends (76%)
Have a lot of money (24%)
Feel good (69%)
Look good (31%)
Be told you have a great personality (68%)
Be told you are hot (32%)
Be Comfortable (68%)
Be Fashionable (32%)
Be the smartest kid in school (55%)
Be the best looking kid in school (45%)
Be 10 pounds under normal weight (54%)
Be 10 pounds over normal weight (46%)
Be one of People Magazine’s 50 Most Beautiful People (53%)
Be one of Forbes Magazine’s 50 Richest People (47%)

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  1. It seems that you can find surveys and statistics to support any idea I want to! Kids are happy/depressed/spiritual/unspiritual/ambivalent/messy/immature/growing up too fast/fat/skinny/aliens… Unless the survey comes from my youth group, I have a hard time giving it any credibility.

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