terrace crawford interviews me about the middle school ministry campference

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i’d been familiar with youth worker and blogger terrace crawford for a couple years before we had any interaction. and i kept hearing from other people what a great guy he was. we connected when he went through a painful situation, and wanted some input. and, as often happens, we bonded a bit in that space, and became friends. but we were still (!) friends who had connected via facebook and blogs and phone calls and emails, but had never actually met (in a reality that is still baffling to me, the same is true of my friendship with josh griffin!). but that changed when i spoke for a youth ministry event hosted by the virginia baptists in may. terrace was there, and we got to spend some time together.

he’s asked if he could interview me for his blog, about the middle school ministry campference. we had coffee together one day, and decided to conduct the interview on video, while we were driving back to the event. it made for a shaky little piece of video – but at least you can tell it wasn’t scripted!

i cracked up at these observations terrace added on his blog:

I learned a few things here (a part from the campference talk):

1. I’m not a good camera man.

2. It appears I am obssessed with Marko’s beard from the camera shots. I mean, its a nice beard and all…

3. I never remember to put my seat belt on when I’m a passenger. I just don’t. Don’t judge me.



the early bird rate of $295 (which includes accomodations and food! — $270 for groups) ends this thursday, june 30. after that, the price goes up a bit. so visit the website for more info, or go right to the registration page if you’re ready to join us!

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  1. It was fun hanging with you! Still praying, over your head, that at some point you’ll land on the East Coast. :) I appreciate our friendship bro!


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