test your middle east geography knowledge

americans are classically and stereotypically clueless about the world outside our borders. so i didn’t expect to kick butt on this geography test of northern africa and the middle east. at least i’d heard of all the countries (well, all but one: i’d not heard of “western sahara”). there’s no scoring on this — you either get the answer correct or not, and you can keep trying ’til you get it correct. but i think i actually knew (or could closely guess, and guessed right) just under half of them.

8 thoughts on “test your middle east geography knowledge”

  1. I got 23 on the first try and most of the rest on the second. I did MUCH better on the African countries than I expected but got hammered on the “stans” other than Afghanistan and Pakistan. The southern Arab penninsula was tough too.

  2. Just tried it again but trying to do it in alphabetical order. I think it is harder that way since the process of elimination doesn’t come into play as much. Less SAT like logic and more knowledge.

  3. I got them all ( I used to teach history/geography). It took me a long time to fit Bahrain in, it seemed to not go to where it should, i guess cause it so tiny.

    It’s sad we don’t know our geography. It probably means we don’t know our world unless we hear about it in the news.

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