texting while driving

reuters reports that 9 out of 10 american drivers supports a ban on texting while driving. but the crack up is that 57% admit to doing it.

i suppose this shouldn’t be a total surprise: i fit squarely into this hypocritical demographic. i think it should be illegal to text and drive — it’s horribly dangerous. yet, i have, from time to time (and, even, maybe a bit more often than that), texted, done email on my phone, and various other idiotic functions.

how about you?

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17 thoughts on “texting while driving”

  1. I admit, I’ve done it, and it’s a stupid thing to do, and I need to stop. I don’t know if I’d go so far as to support a ban, though; might be tough to enforce (unless there is an actual traffic accident).

  2. I have read texts while driving but i am not talented enough to text back (although I have at red lights). My kids can text without looking at the screen though.

  3. Why do I think that this is the occasion that proves the rule. Generally no one ever wants to make a law that in essence says “please stop ME from doing this.” It is always “please stop these OTHERS from doing this.”

    Of course, many of us who text while driving (I probably would, but like Eric, I just don’t have the talent) are probably saying to ourselves “just this once, and I’ll NEVER do it again…that is, until the next message comes through” :)

  4. I have texted while driving. I can text and not look at the screen. If I’m driving with one of my kids I hand them the phone and dictate. Otherwise I have taken to adding a quite note to my phone’s memory that says “driving”. I send that one off and then reply when I arrive at my destination.

  5. getting an iPhone has found me doing this more often… google maps search, text, google reader, email check, safari…

    i am aware of the danger.
    yet it hasn’t stopped me yet.

    i think paul said something about that!

  6. Well…since I’m responding to this from my Samsung BlackJack while driving through Austin traffic, I’d have to say that’s pretty absurd…after all, I think it’s perfectly safe for those of us who are blessed with ADD, and…oh, crap..what the heck?!?..i gotta go…I think I just ran over someone. Proll some moron who wasn’t watching where they were going (it certainly wasn’t me…)
    great post, tho.

  7. I do it all the time. I know it’s dangerous and I do it anyway. I’m pretty stupid in that aspect. I also put makeup on while I drive, and ever since i got an AC/DC adapter, I also straighten my hair.

  8. I have texted while driving, though rarely. I’ve even changed my clothes a couple of times. Though, most everything, from putting on makeup to texting, I try to do at stop lights.

  9. Yep. Sadly, I have. Usually when I’m stuck in traffic though. I always try to keep my phone down in my lap, out of sight from other drivers who might try to reprimand me! So, it might be good to have a law that would save me from myself.

  10. i have to admit i’ve texted. but normally its something short and i don’t even have to look at my phone because i know exactly how many times i have to hit each button to get what i want. but yea not talented enough to read a txt and drive. i normally don’t txt if i’m in traffic mostly when i’m bored out of my mind driving thru Ohio and there are no other cars in sight. but yea its porbably not the smartest thing to do

  11. YOWZAH! Yeah of course I do, I’m a youth minister and worship minister, so I have many people trying to get in touch with me. My kids will text me and I’ll text them back. I don;t think it is too dangerous, but I have been doing it a lot. !!!

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