the alphabet of nations

love “they might be giants” — i have all their cds (well, i have 13 of them). and their kids stuff is some of the best kids stuff available, including the song the alphabet of nations. found this animation video of the song, thanks to bobby c. so, with apologies to my canadian friends (you’ll see why), here’s the alphabet of nations:

the alphabet of nations, animated by ben kling

ok, wait. i went to youtube to see if there was a version of this video i could embed. nope. but — wow — the aphabet of nations must be either highly inspirational for youtube-type-video-creators, or, it was assigned as an animation project for some design school course, because there are a bunch of videos! here are a few of the best (but i still like the flash one i linked to above the best):

6 thoughts on “the alphabet of nations”

  1. joe, joe, joe. if you’re going to quote a TMBG song, please do get the lyric correct. it’s “istanbul, not constantinople.”

  2. i got the title wrong. i realized it afterwards. i humbly acknowledge the error and offer my apologies to TMBG and all others whom i have offended… lol.
    good song. i was just watching the tiny toons video version.

  3. You can embed the animated version. Just click the “More” link to the bottom left of the animation after it loads, and you will see embed code for it.

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