the beloved ampersand

ampersand.gifi do like the ampersand, that silly little punctuation mark that can take on so many forms, and means “and”, while implying something just slightly different than using the actual word. i still remember the funny little subplot in the old tv show, l.a. law, when corbin berson’s character, arnie becker, was being made a named partner in the law firm, and it was up to him whether to use the word “and” or an ampersand. he obsessed about the implications of each choice.

anyhow. here’s an entire blog about ampersands, by someone who obviously has an even deeper affection for them than me.

2 thoughts on “the beloved ampersand”

  1. of course, it’s not a punctuation mark. it is a ligature of the latin word et.

    there is a whole subculture of type:

    it’s where i’d be living if it wasn’t for jesus.

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