the bold new look in men’s swimwear

our exec team (from youth specialties) had a nice little retreat this week up at karla yaconelli’s home in yreka, california. it was kind of a book-end thing, as it was her final “official” role for us. so there were some tears, and lots of laughs, and wonderful stories and memories, and a great day-long time of silence and prayer and reading (all day wednesday). when we drove into town on tuesday (we’d all flown in to medford, oregon, an hour north of yreka), we remembered that none of us had brought swim trunks, and that karla had a new pool and hot tub she was excited about us seeing and using. so the five of us stopped at the yreka wallmart to buy swimwear. michelle fockler took this pic, and probably would have refused to be in it anyway. but the four guys (from left to right: david welch, tic long, me, jay howver) bought matching swimsuits, horrible flourescent green tank tops, and orange ‘dukes of hazzard’ caps. when karla stepped out to run a quick errand, we got “suited up”, including tucking our shirts in and hiking our swimsuits up high. this is the sight that greeted karla when she walked back in the door:


20 thoughts on “the bold new look in men’s swimwear”

  1. i was getting scared because the picture took a bit to load. i was preparing myself for the worst: speedos!

    thanks for not going there. but you are all looking classy!

    what a last image for karla. bet she’s glad she sold now!

  2. Wow…you guys sure are bringing sexy back with that lime green/bright orange combo. :) You should DEFINITELY offer those outfits in the YS Store at NYWC. :)

  3. tic is SOOO tall – check that out.
    please bring this attire for the waterslide and mudwrestling pit ok?


  4. That is hilarious. I only hope that I too can have a job one day where this is part of the ‘exec team retreat’. And Karla will be missed. From what I hear she is an amazing woman.

    And…why is Tic so tan?

  5. one of the best photos i’ve seen all year!
    tell shelly thanks!
    did you buy an outfit for karla too : )
    and a belated thank for the ys newsletter shout out for the blog.
    just wish i had fewer chins in the video : )
    tell the fam hey for me.

  6. howie – it’s a phoenix, a symbol of rebirth. if you search my blog for “phoenix”, you’ll find where i posted about it when i first got it.

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