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core_300x160v4_thumb.gifi’m in denver at the moment, for DCLA09 planning mtgs. but i was in colorado springs this weekend for the season premiere of the CORE: generation change. most of our presenter team were in also, and after presenting the day to a group of 100 youth workers and student leaders at a church on saturday morning, we met for the next 24 hours to make final changes to the content.

i’m pretty pumped about this year’s stuff. we’re talking about transformation in students. the first session addresses spiritual transformation in general, and what it looks like. the second session talks about designing a youth ministry that creates an environment for transformation. and the third session addresses how all of us (student leaders and youth workers) can be a part of bringing god’s transformative work to the world.

there are some fantastic a-ha’s in the day, i think. and we’ve worked hard to make the content appropriate and helpful to both youth workers and student leaders (adding student leaders is a new thing for us this year). we have great video and media support, wonderful real-life stories of teenagers who are making a difference in the world, and a really cool opportunity to have youth groups be a part of changing lives in africa through a new “bite back” effort against malaria in africa (the leading cause of death amongst children in africa, and easily solvable through the distribution of mosquito nets).

we’ll be in 100 cites across north america, starting in late february. personally, i’ll be presenting in six cities this year: orange county and riverside in california, omaha, moorhead (MN), grand rapids, and winston/salem (NC). here’s the CORE website for more info, locations, and registration details. i really encourage youth workers to join us, and bring student leaders.

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  1. Glad you all are coming to Indy this year! I’m hoping to bring most of our adult leaders. Looking forward to it!

  2. So excited, our Consistory approved to pay all costs for my adult volunteers, student leader, my wife, and myself to come to one of the Chicago weekends. Looking forward to this day of training.

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