the danger of channel surfing

got home from youth group last night (more on that later!) and was pretty tired. picked up the remote to channel surf a bit. american idol was on, and a guest performer was on stage, doing something in the realm of singing, but not quite.

holy crypt, batman, have you seen rod stewart lately?

i mean (throat clear), nothing against 80 year-old people at all. no, really. i have LOTS of 80 year-old friends. i know many 80 year-olds personally.

but rod, dude, the home called and you forgot your walker. stop singing sexy songs (and what is WITH those hot young-ish women in the audience swooning over him like he’s brad pitt?).

3 thoughts on “the danger of channel surfing”

  1. If you want my money and you think I’m sexy give me twenty minutes while I take this little blue pill.

  2. ROFL!! Good one Steve.

    The sad thing is that he still attracts 20-30something supermodels…and is still having kids!!!

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